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Completely Free of Charge for Our Customers

The goal of Snubes is to make outsourcing easily accessible for any company to fully benefit from its advantages. We know how time-consuming and, above all, costly the call center search process can be, and we want to offer our customers added value and not put any additional obstacles in their way. Of course, this also means that we do not want to incur additional costs, but rather make the search as efficient and thus cost-effective as possible.

For our customers, the use of our outsourcing platform is therefore completely free of charge.

Costs for Our Partners

We also want to generate the greatest possible added value for our call center partners. That is why registration on our platform and its use is completely free of charge for them. They can therefore make themselves and their services available to a large number of potential customers without taking any (financial) risk. Access to tendered projects and the possibility to submit a bid is also free of charge as soon as we match the tendered project with a partner. The basis for matching is therefore not which call center is willing to pay to participate in a tender, but whether the project actually matches the services offered by the provider.

Only if the hiring company ultimately decides in favor of one of our call center partners and a contract is signed, we claim a single-digit percentage as commission for the successful project placement for a limited period of time.

For many companies, the cost of a call center is one of the most decisive factors in choosing a service provider. It should be noted that call center costs are highly dependent on what the client requires.

There are several variables such as skill level, type of work, call center location, hours of operation, target audience (B2B/B2C) and duration of the project that impact pricing. Additionally, factors such as the cost of the phone, the flexibility required, the type of reporting, the setup of software and documentation of the data and the number of agents employed all impact cost formation.

Regardless of these variables, however, there are different pricing models through which call centers charge for their services. These depend on whether the service is inbound or outbound. Generally speaking, outbound calls are more expensive than inbound calls. Depending on the industry and the location of the service provider, the cost of a processing minute in inbound calls is between €0.35 and €2.50, and between €0.50 and €2.85 in outbound calls.

Cost for an Inbound Call Center

Inbound services are charged in different ways, such as by price per hour, minute, day, week, month, transaction or agent. Essentially, an inbound call center or contact center can be distinguished between two pricing models:

  • Shared Teams: A shared team consists of a pool of agents who answer calls for multiple customers. These so-called shared services are ideal for projects with high volume fluctuations or low overall activity.
  • Dedicated Teams: A Dedicated Team consists of a group of agents who handle calls exclusively for a specific company. Call centers typically charge for this service on an hourly basis. These so-called dedicated services are ideal for complex or high-volume projects.

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Costs for an Outbound Call Center

Outbound call center services are charged as follows:

  • Hourly rates: These are the common pricing structure for outbound sales, lead generation and appointment setting. Rates vary depending on the location of the call center.
  • Commission: For certain sales or lead generation projects, a commission structure is the preferred model. The amount of commission depends on the product. However, the amount earned per hour by the call center should provide for at least a 10% to 20% markup on the normal hourly rate to account for the additional risk.
  • Hourly Rates & Commissions: This should be the preferred pricing structure for sales projects. A combination of hourly rate and commission model means that both parties take some risk with the goal of maximizing performance.

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