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The Success of Our
Customers Is Our Success

Our customers have taken up the challenge of outsourcing individual business operating areas or even entire departments to call centers. In the meantime, we have been able to support over 100 companies in finding the right outsourcing partner. Our customers have gained a wide range of call center experience and have been able to implement inbound and outbound projects.

Learn more about other companies' successful call center projects and how they benefited from Snubes' smart outsourcing platform in their search for the right service provider.

More Efficient
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Return on Investment

Outbound Outsourcing
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Ervin Germany GmbH

If you want to grow, you also have to dare to do something new. At least that's what the Ervin Germany GmbH, a steel abrasives manufacturer from Berlin, thought. With a cold-calling campaign, the company tested a completely new channel for acquiring new customers and therefore looked for the right call center. With Snubes matching, a combination of data-driven artificial intelligence and the industry experience of our call center experts, Ervin was able to find the perfect partner to achieve its outbound goals.

Inbound Outsourcing
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When demand increases acutely, action must be taken quickly. This was also the case for Talixo, a Berlin-based start-up that operates a booking platform for B2B passenger transportation. After the internal team could no longer handle customer service on its own, the area was to be outsourced to a call center. With Snubes' outsourcing platform, Talixo was able to get an overview of the call center market in no time and to find the right partner in a database of over 300 service providers.

Florian Götz
ervin-logo-transparent Florian Götz,  Assistant to Managing Director Europe
ervin-logo-transparent Florian Götz,  Assistant to Managing Director Europe

The Snubes service helped us find a call center that delivered more than we had hoped for.
The whole process was easy, efficient, quick and effortless.

Are You Looking for a Suitable Call Center?

Learn how you can benefit from Snubes' smart outsourcing platform as well.
Our call center experts will be happy to present the options that are exciting for you.

Use Call Center References
for Your Decision

Outsourcing is a topic that most industries and companies can no longer avoid. Whether accounting, marketing or IT, nowadays a company can outsource almost any business operating area to an external service provider.

Probably the best known, however, is the outsourcing of customer support to a call center, also known as a customer care center. These take on tasks such as answering calls, classic telemarketing, administrative tasks in the back office or social media support.

With more than 700 call centers in Germany alone, it is not easy to find the right partner for your own project. The service provider should not only have free capacity for the project, but also offer the right services and industry experience. In addition, it is important for him to be aware of how experienced his client is and to contribute accordingly.

But how can a company know what a call center can really offer? Usually, it has to rely on the information on the websites and in the submitted offers of the service providers. Of course, this carries the risk that the company's own expectations will be disappointed.

Luckily, this can be avoided easily. Companies that have already worked with the considered service providers can use their call center experience to provide clarity. They know in which areas they received particularly good support, where things still got stuck, what performance was achieved, can share their inbound and outbound call center experiences and give call center tips.

Let customer references help you make the right decision and find the call center that exactly meets your requirements.

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