What Is Social Media Customer Service?

Social media service (which is also known as social media customer service) is customer service for social channels. The principle is comparable to an inbound call center: Customers (or partners) get in touch via a social media channel to receive information or solutions to their problems. In addition to the classic channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Co., a social media service also includes WhatsApp, web self-services or live chats and performs the following tasks, among others:

  • Reputation management
  • Social customer service
  • Community support
  • WhatsApp customer service
  • Crisis management
  • Social media monitoring

By the way: In social media services, a distinction is made between a "Shared Team" and a "Dedicated Team". You can find more information on this under Inbound Services.


Advantages of Outsourcing Social Media Services

for Customers
Focus on Your
Core Business
Easy to
Scale up and down


Why Should I Outsource My Customer Service on Social Media?

Good customer support is priceless. The better you support your customers, the more often satisfied customers will recommend you. Especially on social media, referral marketing has never been more important.

With a social media service, you put your customer satisfaction in experienced hands. Whether it's quick responses, smooth multichannel marketing, or lower costs, outsourcing can provide your customers with the best possible service while freeing up staff.

Tip: If you are looking for an external call center, you should pay particular attention to reliability and excellent quality in telephony and writing. Your future partner's equipment is also important, as are knowledge management, help centers and communication tools.

How Expensive Is It to Outsource Social Customer Service?

The price varies depending on the provider and the service effort. The most common models charge per hour, minute, agent, or month. You can find prices and pricing models for various social customer services directly at Snubes.

What Makes Good Social Media Service?

Whether by phone, social media, live chat, email or app, good customer support always uses different communication channels. For example, customers often start via web chat and then call the hotline. As a company, you still need to offer customers a smooth process. For example, the call center agent should know the previous chat history so that the customer doesn't have to repeat everything.

Multichannel management is therefore important for any social media service. Fast response times are at least as important - customers expect faster responses on social networks than on classic channels.

Are There Useful Tools for Better Social Customer Service?

  • Message management: The management of messages is important to be able to react quickly to requests. There are several tools here to help you keep track of and handle messages from different channels through one interface. For a more efficient workflow!
  • Chatbots and help centers: Chatbots and help centers make it easier to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). Both tools can reduce or categorize simple customer queries, but cannot replace call center agents.
  • Monitoring and tracking: Monitoring and tracking systems improve your products and processes in the long term. The tools can detect, track ("trace") and document common issues such as shipping or product errors. With reporting functions, you can then check whether and how quickly an error was corrected.

Important: Every call center uses different tools. We'll be happy to help you find the call center that's a perfect fit for your issue.


Call Center for Social Media Customer Service?

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