With 50 new infections per day and 5 people who have had contact with an infected person, you need 16 staff per day to cover contact tracing.

Currently, there has been an accelerated increase in transmission of Covid-19 in the general population in Germany. With the first wave of infection, local health departments in Germany and Europe have responded by building capacity to monitor patients and track potentially infected contacts. But what to do when the number of patients increases rapidly and the number of staff is no longer sufficient?

Efficient Contact Tracing Can Slow the Spread of Corona Virus

To break chains of infection and prevent further spread of Corona virus, public health departments in the field face challenges with high staffing and time requirements to track and contact individuals. Time is of the essence. The faster an index person's contacts are reached and informed, the less risk there is of the virus spreading unnoticed.

So-called containment scouts can support the health authorities in this challenging task. The scouts provided by the RKI and the German Armed Forces will be far from sufficient to implement contact tracing given the current incidence of infection.

With only 10 cases per day, you already need 6 employees just for contact follow-up.

But most regions are already recording significantly higher infection figures. If the value of daily infections is 50, you already need more than 30 employees per day to reach the affected persons. In addition, the weekend effect should not be underestimated: due to days when no contact tracing takes place, an almost unmanageable workload develops.

Cohesion and mutual support are currently more in demand than ever. We would like to make our contribution to this and actively support you and your employees.


The Solution: Professional Containment Scouts (PCS) from Snubes

Contact Tracing Schema

To support you in the event of staff shortages in contact tracing, we offer you the use of professional containment scouts. These are employees who are ready for deployment as containment scouts for contact tracing in regional call centers, also known as contact centers, or directly on your premises.

Behind the professional containment scouts is a proven three-stage deployment concept consisting of a deployment, standby and emergency team that can be flexibly adapted to your specific personnel requirements.

This saves you the time-consuming and costly search and recruitment of personnel and the training of new staff. In addition, you benefit from the know-how transfer that we pass on to the call centers within our network.

The Benefits of Our Professional Containment Scouts

  • Deployment within 24 hours
  • Experience with deployed systems (e.g. Sormas, SurvNet, Mikado, OctoWare)
  • Employees optionally with medical background
  • Up to 30 languages available
  • Data protection according to the highest guidelines
  • Cost-efficient use: payment only according to expenditure
  • Flexibility in personnel planning: number of containment scouts can be flexibly increased and decreased

Are you interested in a consultation or would you like to request an individual offer for the deployment of professional containment scouts in contact tracing for your authority? Then please feel free to contact us.

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Contact Tracing Is the Name of the Game

Contact tracing is an important building block for the control and containment of Covid 19 virus. With the first wave of infection, local health departments in Germany and Europe have responded by building capacity to monitor patients and trace potentially infected contacts. But what to do when the number of patients rapidly increases and overwhelms staff?

Call Centers Have Contact Tracing in Their DNA

Call centers are the ideal partner for expanding or outsourcing your contact tracing teams. Contact tracing requires a mix of inbound, outbound and back-office activities - all core disciplines of a call center. A call center can assist you with the following activities:

  • Hotline for reporting symptoms
  • Monitoring of symptoms, progression and initiation of next steps
  • Tracing and contacting contacts of infected citizens

Why Call Centers Are Better Contact Tracers

As the largest call center network in Europe, we are already working on pilot projects with health authorities and have experience from countries such as the Netherlands and the UK through our partners. Thanks to this experience, we can draw on tried-and-tested emergency concepts. This enables us to provide up to 100 trained, multilingual call center agents as contact tracers within 24 hours and thus effectively prevent or shorten a local lockdown. Especially in times where a superspreader event can occur at any time, a fast, multilingual and scalable intervention is absolutely necessary. Important measures are e.g:

  • Contact tracers with and without previous medical knowledge
  • A mix of on-site and work-at-home agent teams to maintain service during a lockdown
  • Clinical support teams that provide virtual and on-site assistance to patients
  • Use of a CRM system for reports and analyses
  • Daily briefings by QA staff to ensure compliance with the latest policies and processes

Find the Right Contact Center

Snubes makes finding the right contact center easier than ever. With us, you can get instant quotes from suitable call centers! You enjoy the following advantages:

  • Local call centers from your region
  • Up to 100 agents in a few days
  • Consultants with many years of call center experience at your side

Support for Your Contact Tracing at COVID-19

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