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Searching for a Provider Is a Challenge

The number of call center companies to which telephony and processing services can be outsourced is high. In Germany alone, there are over 700 call centers - throughout Europe, the choice of call center service providers available increases many times over. But how do you find the right partner in this mass?

Making the right choice here can cost you a lot of time and nerves.

50% of Outsourcing Projects Fail

Every second outsourcing project to external service providers does not meet the expected quality and performance. However, this is rarely due to the fact that call centers cannot deliver the desired performance, but much more often because the individual requirements of the outsourcing company do not match the special capabilities of the call center. 

The key to success therefore lies in correctly identifying and defining the general conditions on the company side and finding suitable providers.

Your Advantages When Searching for a Call Center with Snubes

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What Does the Snubes Platform Offer?

1. Largest Call Center Network in Europe

In our database of qualified providers, we currently list over 300 call centers from around 30 countries. Together with our partners, we cover all types of call center services: inbound telephony, outbound telephony, social media support and also back office.

Our partners are represented in around 30 different countries and speak over 50 different languages. This way, you achieve the necessary scope for your search and only receive offers from relevant providers for your comparison.

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2. Intelligent Project Description Saves You a Lot of Time and Work

Thanks to our intelligent project description question process, you can create the requirements document for your order in no time at all. In this way, we ensure that all the relevant information is available for you to create accurate quotations. And you always have an overview of exactly which services you have requested.

3. Provider Matching with Exclusive Performance Data and Expert Evaluations

From over 20 parameters, our smart algorithm calculates which call centers can best meet your requirements - and our team of experts completes your individual provider list by analyzing exclusive performance data for you.

In addition, you can of course take advantage of the advice of our experts with many years of experience in the call center sector at any time during the provider search.

4. Automatic Offer Generation

After the successful matching with providers that best fit your requirements, you receive offers from the available providers - you don't have to do anything else. To make it easier for you to make your selection after receiving offers, our provider profiles clearly show what you need to know about a call center. 

This way, you quickly and easily receive a selection of offers from the providers that meet your requirements and can make a provider comparison.

5. Clearer Sourcing Process with a Better Basis for Decision-Making

By using the Snubes platform for your contact center search, you have all the important information and files in one central system, can quickly see which providers have already sent offers and where feedback is still missing. This allows you to choose the right service provider faster and with more certainty.

With Snubes, you can avoid phone calls from service providers who may only give you empty promises, complicated Excel spreadsheets to compare providers, and long searches in your email inbox for received offers, non-disclosure agreements or status updates.

6. Free Service with a Better Negotiating Position

The best thing about the Snubes platform for you as a company is: it is completely free to use. There is no Free, Pro and Enterprise version. All customers get access to all features with no hidden additional costs. This is because we finance ourselves through the contributions of our partners. Of course, this still does not lead to higher overall costs for you, because the Snubes platform offers you an ideal negotiating position thanks to the comparison of several offers.

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Jan Brenneke

Jan Brenneke,
VP Operations at Talixo

Finding a suitable outsourcing service provider through Snubes was very easy and our personal consultant helped us every step of the way. After a short time, we already had good offers on the table. An on-site visit confirmed the positive impression and we have now found a suitable partner.


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1. Companies That Want to Make Data-Based Decisions

With exclusive performance data from the Snubes platform, we ensure that you become successful with the suggested providers.

2. Companies Looking for a List of the Best Call Centers

Our intelligent matching algorithm creates an individual list of call centers that exactly match your requirements.

3. Companies with Little Experience in the Call Center Market

The Snubes platform and our experienced experts help you define the right requirements, find suitable partners and develop a good basis for decision-making.

How it works
So funktioniert Snubes

1. Send a Request

Inbound or outbound? Which volume? Answer a few questions quickly and easily online.

2. Talk to Experts

Based on your requirements, our call center expert creates the project briefing together with you on the phone.

3. Receive Offers

The most suitable call centers are invited to submit a bid. You will receive the offers conveniently online on Snubes.

4. Compare Providers

Track the current status and compare call centers at any time. Your expert will help you analyze the offers.

5. Make the Right Choice

Choose the best call center. Our quality guarantee ensures long-term successful cooperation and our experts will advise you along the way.

Just to read the names of all German call centers, you would need about 10 minutes, depending on the length of the names and your reading speed. Assuming there was a list of all providers. However, neither a complete list nor the mere names of the contact centers would help you to select the provider that fits your company and also delivers the desired quality. This is because in order to make an informed decision, you need two things: information about the available call centers and a comparison with your individual needs.

To fulfill these two points, a company usually goes through a complex sourcing process in its search for providers. This usually includes the following steps for the call center search:

1. Provider Search

Via own research work, recommendations or existing provider lists, all available providers are listed and information on them is collected. Based on the information found, an initial preselection is made to weed out providers that do not meet the selection criteria. This longlist then contains all the providers considered for the contract.

  • Duration: 1-4 Weeks

2. Offer Phase

Vendors from the longlist are contacted and, if interested or available for the planned project, invited to submit a bid. They then receive a requirements document describing the planned contract and defining all requirements. This RFP (Request for Proposal) forms the basis for the bidding process. At this point, there will already be vendors who are not interested in the job, are not available or cannot provide an offer within the requested timeframe. This already reduces the list of eligible providers.

  • Duration: 2-4 Weeks

3. Evaluation Phase

After a few days or weeks - depending on the complexity of the requirements catalog - you receive offers from the requested providers. Many providers use different offer forms and price models, so that elaborate Excel tables usually have to be created here to enable comparability of the offers. This is how the shortlist of providers is determined. In order to get a personal impression of the provider, online meetings or personal visits are often arranged at this point.

  • Duration: 2-6 Weeks

4. Selection of the Call Center Partner

The last and most important step for the success of the planned outsourcing is the final decision for a call center partner. Here, the entirety of the information and impressions of the providers from the shortlist are taken into consideration. Typical decision criteria are price, contractual commitment, location of the call center, personal impression of the call center and its employees, design of the offer, and finally also the so-called "gut feeling".

  • Duration: 1 Weeks

The Duration of the Classic Call Center Search is Therefore Around 6-15 Weeks.

But there is an easier way to get the relevant information about a call center, create a suitable shortlist and compare call center offers. 

With the Snubes platform, you can receive offers from call centers selected for you in the shortest possible time without preliminary inquiries, countless phone calls and confusing e-mail traffic - and all of that for free.


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