What Are Back-Office Services?

Back-office activities usually involve written customer support and office tasks such as processing e-mails, letters and faxes. Complex activities such as payroll accounting, data processing in ERP systems or order processing are also part of the back office.


Advantages of Back-Office Outsourcing

Process Optimization


Qualified Employees

Easy to
Scale up and down


Why Should I Outsource My Back Office?

Every company has back-office activities - whether in HR, accounting, logistics, production, warehousing or sales. Many companies cannot perform these activities themselves, and often lack qualified employees. While hiring qualified employees is very expensive, training your own employees takes too long.

Outsourcing offers a way out and is suitable for both large companies and SMEs. Every major call center nowadays offers back-office services, making it easy to find qualified employees and save time and money in the process.

3 Tips When Outsourcing Back Office Services

Back-office tasks play an important role for companies. You need to be sure that the call center will not only perform the activities more efficiently and cost-effectively, but also with the same quality as in-house. The following tips will help you achieve this:

1. Transparency and quality monitoring are essential elements when outsourcing back-office services. Ideally, the call center should offer real-time data access. This means that you, as the customer, can obtain information about all business processes at any time.

2. Qualified employees are an obvious quality criterion. Make sure that they have completed training in relation to the outsourced activity - in our experience, further training is rarely sufficient. Training in accounting, for example, cannot be replaced by several weeks of training.

3. Strict data protection guidelines are a basic requirement, especially when it comes to sensitive customer data. Data protection should comply with international data protection laws while meeting your company's high data protection requirements.

Tip: For larger companies with a complex tool and system landscape, we recommend an analysis of the relevant business processes and tools used. A platform change may make sense before you outsource your back office!

What Does Back-Office Outsourcing Cost?

Call centers usually charge for back-office activities on an hourly basis. It is best to agree on reporting with the call center that includes key performance indicators (KPIs) and the number of cases handled. This way, you can be sure that work is being done efficiently and that the call center is not billing for too many hours.

How Do I Find the Right Back-Office Call Center?

Snubes is the first online marketplace for call centers. With us you can find the perfect call center to outsource your back office services, whether in Germany, Europe or any other part of the world. Unlike other providers, we do not sell leads, but offer qualified matching. Our service is free of charge for our customers and is suitable regardless of the industry or size of your company.

What back office services can you outsource with our call centers? For example, email processing, order processing, full-file services, data collection & processing or invoice processing & management. We also find suitable partners for complaint and feedback management or customer service.


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