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Call centers can handle a wide variety of services for you. They can work inbound and outbound to take incoming calls for you and make outgoing calls for you, or provide back-office and social media support. But no matter what call center services you're interested in, the nuts and bolts of successful outsourcing lie in choosing the right partner.

This is where Snubes comes in. With our smart outsourcing platform, we offer you the ideal support to find the perfect call center for your project. Using artificial intelligence in combination with the industry experience of our call center experts, we promote data-driven decisions and offer you a selection of service providers best suited to your requirements.

Customer Statement
Florian Götz
Florian Götz,
Ervin Germany GmbH

"Normally, I would have had to call numerous call centers myself to find out if they could provide the services we wanted and if they were a good fit for us - with a platform that is also free of charge, I was more than happy to save myself this effort."

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Get an Overview of the Call Center Industry

Our customers include experienced outsourcing professionals who are always on the lookout for a more efficient service provider, as well as beginners who are new to the call center industry. With a database that includes over 300 verified providers, we offer you the chance to find the perfect partner.

Create an RFP Quickly and Effortlessly

Without question, one of the most important steps in finding a call center is creating an RFP (Request for Proposal). This is the definition of the requirements that are fundamental to working with the eventual partner. You can save valuable time in this process by using Smart Scoping, a questionnaire that captures all the important information about the project. In addition, setting up the RFP correctly ensures that the accuracy of fit of the offers received later increases significantly.

Obtain a Longlist of Only Suitable Providers

In the process, we use the artificial intelligence (AI) of our platform to create a shortlist of vendors that perfectly match the requirements defined in the Smart Scoping. This increases the likelihood that you will find the perfect partner for your outsourcing project. A long-term business relationship can develop without having to search again for an alternative call center.

Take Advantage of Exclusive Service Insights

We love being able to make data-based decisions and not just having to rely on our gut feeling. That's why our platform allows you to view not only the profiles of individual call centers, but also reviews from customers who have already worked with these service providers. This way, you can make not only a more solidified decision, but also a quicker one, decisively speeding up the outsourcing process.

Get Independent Recommendations

Being entrusted with the task of looking for a call center means a lot of responsibility. The first choice must be the right one, as searching again for a suitable service provider would mean not only duplicating efforts, but also huge additional costs. Our call center experts, who bring over 40 years of industry experience to the table, perfectly complement the exclusive performance data on the platform. If required, you receive independent recommendations that facilitate your decision-making.


Can We Support Your Call Center Search?

Find the call center services and providers that fit your needs on the Snubes platform.

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As experts for the call center market, we discover trends and customer needs immediately and develop innovative new services for our customers together with our partners. These services are unique because they combine a whole new service from the call center and the management and handling of the call center by Snubes for you.

This allows you to continue focusing on your core business while we ensure the success and reliability of your call center.

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