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The call center search via our platform is completely free of charge for you.

Would you like to perform telemarketing, but do not have sufficient capacities available within your company? Or would you like to conduct an acquisition campaign and need additional trained personnel at short notice? Then outsourcing to an outbound call center is exactly what you need. It can take on a wide variety of outbound tasks for you and support you with experience and expertise.

But which call center suits best for your company and your requirements? That's what you need to find out now, because only with the right partner at your side your outsourcing to an outbound call center can become a success.

On the smart outsourcing platform of Snubes, small, large and medium-sized companies can find the right partner. With over 100 qualified outbound providers in our database, we offer the right call center for each of our customers.

Outbound Call Center Activities

Outbound call centers can be a great support for a company, as they allow the internal sales team to fully concentrate on the core business. The service provider can take on a variety of tasks for its client. These include services such as:

  • new customer acquisition
  • customer recovery
  • product education
  • appointment setting
  • statistical data collection


How Outbound Outsourcing With Snubes Works

How it works Rand weiß
  1. Send Inquiry: To find the perfect outbound call center for you, we need your requirements. To do this, simply answer a few quick questions online so that we know exactly which outbound field you need support in.
  2. Talk to Experts: Our call center experts support you by phone to set up your project briefing. Thanks to their many years of experience in the industry, they know exactly what matters in outbound.
  3. Receive Offers: During call center matching, our smart algorithm identifies the most suitable providers for your project from over 100 outbound call centers. With just one click, you directly request the offers of the selected providers.
  4. Compare Providers: On the platform, you can track the current status of your project and find all offers centrally in one place.
  5. Making the Right Choice: Now all you have to do is select the most suitable call center for you and your company and you can enjoy the benefits of outbound outsourcing.

Benefit from These Features

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Request for Proposal
Exclusive Insights
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Florian Götz

Florian Götz, Ervin Germany GmbH

Many customers perceive cold calling as an unpleasant sales channel and are reluctant to use it. However, with the right partner and the right setup, it can become a value-added sales channel for both customers and companies. Thanks to Snubes, we have found the right partner for such an outbound project.

Outsourcing to an Outbound Call Center

If telesales activities are to be outsourced to an external service provider, the choice of the right call center is crucial. Only then the commissioning company can benefit from the advantages of outbound outsourcing:

  • The internal sales team can fully focus on the core business.
  • Call center agents specially trained in outbound sales guarantee quality and flexibility.
  • Many years of industry experience and expertise of the call center increase the probability of generating qualified leads that can be passed on to the internal sales team.
  • A reduced need for internal sales staff can save costs and make them easier to calculate.

The service of Snubes is completely free of charge for our customers.

The call center search at Snubes is based on a combination of exclusive performance data and the industry know-how of our call center experts. This gives you an individual selection of suitable providers from a database of over 100 verified outbound call centers. So no longer miss out on hidden champions and rely on data instead of your gut feeling.

Your requirements are the basis of call center matching. We therefore only suggest providers who can meet the requirements you have defined. This saves you a long search process and allows you to work directly with a longlist.

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