What Is an Inbound Call Center?

An inbound call center is responsible for incoming calls. When a customer calls, the call center answers and takes care of the customer's concern. In most cases, this is a classic customer service. Classic inbound services include telephone services such as a hotline, 'first-level support' or a help or service desk where customers can report faults, submit complaints or order products.


Benefits of Inbound Outsourcing

More Time for Your Core Business
Qualified Employees


Why Is an Inbound Call Center Useful?

Customer demands are continuously changing. Customers expect flawless communication, immediate responses and even faster solutions. For many companies, however, this is not always possible. Inbound call centers provide a remedy - while you provide excellent support to your customers, you gain more time for your core business. With a good call center, you perfect the customer experience and avoid lost revenue due to disgruntled customers.

Important: If you hire an external call center, you should choose carefully. The service must be reliable and of good quality. Pay attention to any specialization of the provider in certain industries, previous references and the expected costs. We will be happy to help you with your search and advise you completely free of charge.

What Are the Inbound Outsourcing Options?

You don't always need your "own team" in a call center. In the inbound area, there are various models that you can combine as you wish.

Shared Team
A shared team can be useful for projects with low volumes or customer inquiries that are difficult to plan. In this case, the call center agents handle not only your customer inquiries, but also inquiries from other customers. They basically "share" customer service with other companies.

Dedicated Team
A dedicated team works only for your company. Compared to the shared team, here you also have to pay for on-call time. However, a dedicated team can make sense for large or well-planned call volumes.

Combine Shared and Dedicated Teams
Shared teams offer many advantages, like you don't have to pay for on-call time where agents are just waiting for calls. This can save you a lot of money. You can also easily combine both models. For example, you can choose a dedicated team during your core business hours and a shared team during the night shift. This is especially useful for international companies that provide customer service for multiple time zones.

Since not all call centers offer shared teams, you need to find the right partner. On the Snubes call center platform, you can check in the provider profiles whether a call center offers shared teams.


Enjoy These Advantages with the Snubes Call Center Platform

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100% Free of Charge

You can use our platform completely free of charge as a client.

Call Center Experts

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What Pricing Models Are There?

Inbound call centers bill using a variety of models. The most common is billing per hour, minute, transaction or agent. A flat rate per month is also possible. If you want to compare prices and pricing models of different call centers, sign up now for free at Snubes. We are the first call center marketplace worldwide and simplify the search for the right service provider for your company.

How Is Inbound Outsourcing Implemented?

The implementation of an inbound service always takes place in close consultation with the customer. Outsourcing begins with the so-called "ramp-up" phase, during which the customer and the provider jointly select the appropriate call center agents for customer service. While team leaders and agents begin training, integration of the necessary ordering, fulfillment and customer management systems takes place. If necessary, this infrastructure is rebuilt.

Tip: A good call center always pays attention to compliance with (customer) policies and processes for optimal customer service. Reporting with key KPIs is also useful so that you can measure success. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask for a free consultation.


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