Project Matching

Snubes’ unique project matching platform employs factual performance data to ensure a fast and confident partner/client decision is gained.  It turns the decision from slow, opaque and risky to fast, certified and confident for both parties, while ensuring the decision is made on performance and quality rather than price.

500+ Successful Matches p.a.

Participate in incremental demand opportunities to win new customers and exciting projects across all call center disciplines that you compete in.

Best ROI

There is no cost to you to participate in the platform and its tender projects, and you only have to accept to participate in new demand opportunities that fit your preferences.  You share a small percentage of contract value only for leads who sign up with you.

There are over 26 million companies in the USA. Not all of them require a call center, but many of these companies could certainly benefit from the services of a call center or are already actively looking for a provider. On the other hand, there are hundreds of thousands of call centers across the world.

How can you as a call-center provider get access to a larger share of relevant demand and stand out in this large mass of competitors?

The Traditional Customer Acquisition Process for Call Centers Involves a High Level of Investment and High CAC

In order to attract the attention of the right customers and be considered as a preferred provider, a well thought-out marketing strategy is required. You need to know who your ideal customers are, what their needs are, how your service offering can help customers, what you can do better than the competition - and ultimately where to find your ideal customers with those messages. Further, in-house sales resources are expensive and hard-to-find.

In particular, the dissemination of your advertising message can devour high budgets without generating any really measurable success. Advertising on Google, LinkedIn and Co. lures with promises of increased sales and the acquisition of new customers, but the high advertising costs cannot always be financed by the projects actually won. Because many are customers with unsuitable requirements or budget expectations.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get qualified customers directly without the financial risk of advertising spend and sales costs?

Snubes - Your Shortcut to
Securing More of the Right Clients

Snubes' business model is designed to connect the right customer to the right call center at the right time.

This enables us to pass on qualified opportunities to suitable call centers - and only receive a fee in return if the placement is successful. Our goal is not to mediate the largest possible number of projects, but to achieve the highest possible quality and satisfaction with the mediated projects.

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How Does Snubes Call Center Partner/ Client Matching Work?

Using an intelligent, data-based matching process, proprietary performance data, and the best-practices experience of our call center experts, Snubes creates a tailored selection of suitable providers for each client project. In this way, we ensure that you only receive inquiries from clients who also fit into your range of services, and that we have determined can be a strong mutual match.

The provider then decides for each matched project whether you want to submit an offer or reject the request. Submitting an offer is of no cost to you.

If the client ultimately accepts your offer, you provide Snubes a revenue share. This is based on the revenue generation and performance actually achieved, because we ensure and protect our partners’ business. If the client's business is terminated, the commission payment to Snubes also expires. Call center partners do not take any financial risk and do not pay in advance. Your marketing expenses with Snubes are 100% success-dependent and predictable.

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