Call Center Emergency Backup

How to get your company safely through the Corona crisis

Are you a corporate decision-maker, call centre manager or customer service representative and are you prepared for an emergency? In this article you will learn how to compensate for agent downtime and build a world-class backup service.

Call Center Emergency Backup: Be prepared for the unexpected.

Dealing with everyday topics often leaves little time to prepare for unexpected events. Such events can entail great risks for the customer support. The consequences range from a partial to a total shutdown of the call center operation. In March 2020 we conducted a survey with 74 decision-makers at the Call Center World trade show. It showed that 30 percent of the organizations surveyed were not prepared for possible outages caused by the corona virus.

Are you also wondering if your business can continue to function when only part of your service delivery team shows up for work, when your call center has to close due to a quarantine? As such business disruptions increase, a plan to keep the business running is essential. There are many potential causes:

  • Pandemics such as the corona virus or waves of influenza
  • Special events, product launch or seasonal effects such as Christmas
  • Natural disasters and weather-related events such as hurricanes, droughts, forest fires and floods
  • Terrorist threats, cyber attacks or security breaches
  • Geopolitical risks such as political events and financial turbulence

Preventing service interruptions, whether due to a one-time event or recurring seasonal activities, is critical in today’s business environment. Rapid assistance is therefore required in these crisis and emergency situations.

What are the solutions?

Snubes offers two different solutions in cooperation with the Muuuh Group.

The first solution is voice dialog automation. AI-based voice dialog automation has made significant technological advances in recent months and is currently being implemented by many companies. In crisis situations, voice dialog automation can also be used to mitigate short-term risks caused by the breakdown of call center structures.

The Voice Dialog Automation can within seconds:

  • offer callers information and intelligently searchable FAQs
  • make changes to it using text (Text to Speech)
  • recognize and prioritize callers’ concerns via AI (intent recognition) and route them to head numbers
  • adjust prioritization according to the currently available resources

The second solution is an On-Demand Call Center Support and relies on geographically spread call centers and agents

By using geographically spread call centers and agents, the effects of an interruption are drastically reduced. As the leading platform for finding suitable call centers, we have access to renowned call centers worldwide that have been reviewed by our quality assurance experts. For the emergency backup, we cooperate with national and international call centers and continuously track their capacities. This enables our customers to book an emergency package directly through Snubes, so that in the event of a crisis they are able to quickly redistribute the call load and provide customers with an uninterrupted service regardless of the situation.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Network of national and international call centers
  • Worldwide tracking of capacities
  • Qualified call center matching
  • Call center on site, closed shop or work at home models
  • Performance and Quality Insights
  • Operational readiness of 5 to 100 FTEs in under 6 hours

By the way: Both solutions can also be combined. Especially for larger companies it makes sense to use an AI solution for first level support in order to cover large call volumes, and to rely on an on-demand team for second level support. We would be happy to advise you on the best model for your company.

On-Demand: The right package for every need

With On-Demand Call Center Support, Snubes will work with you to define the required parameters of the emergency plan, so that it can go quickly and smoothly live in case of an emergency. These parameters include the desired emergency plan, countries and region, industry know-how, languages, opening hours, team size, model (on-site call center, work at home, closed shop), scope of services, technical requirements, etc.

The first step is to select the desired emergency package. Snubes offers three contingency plans, PRE-6, PRE-24 and PRE-72, and depending on the contingency plan, the response team and agents can be up and running within hours.

Because it is important to have the right partner at your side, we match your company with the best call center in the desired region. An initial training of the call center team takes place together with the client. The client is required to provide training material, FAQ's, common language rules, know-how in dealing with the inquiries or an operational manual.

From a technology perspective, Snubes provides an easy access, proven security, compliance and scalability through a cloud-based system. Alternatively, a direct access to the client's system is also possible.

What is the process in the case of an operation?

First of all, a task force consisting of project and team management is set up. The task force appoints one or more emergency managers in the selected call centers, who then coordinate the deployment and the number of agents. In order to cover the desired enquiry volume, the required agents are thoroughly trained in the necessary languages before the start of the project. Stress tests and simulations as well as regular refresher trainings guarantee the readiness within the defined time frame in the event of an emergency.

An integrated quality concept is set up to accompany the process. It contains all the necessary processes and tools to implement the customer’s specifications in terms of communication, technical and procedural aspects and thus meet the quality criteria.

The quality assurance measures include telephony, font editing and back office processing. A check sheet based on the jointly agreed criteria is used for quality assurance. Snubes continuously checks the specified quality criteria in order to initiate appropriate measures in case of deviations.

If your customer support is down, your replacement call center and staff will be notified via messaging service. Based on the feedback, the head of operations creates a shift plan. The agreed number of agents can be operational within 6 hours.

When processing customer enquiries, care is also taken to ensure that the agents use a simple language. Unnecessary foreign words and complicated wording should be avoided. In case of an emergency, the language rules help the agents to prepare themselves optimally in the shortest possible time.

Your guarantee in case of an emergency

With Snubes, you can minimize and even eliminate the impact of an unforeseen event on your business and your customers. Snubes guarantees that in the case of an unforeseen event, you will be able to implement your customer service through a quality emergency partner. Within a few hours, the response team and agents will be on site. With our call center emergency backup you are prepared for any situation.

Please contact us if you need a backup for your call center. The consultation is free of charge!